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What’s REALLY behind the war on home ownership?Becoming a “Nation of Renters” is clearly a big part of the New Normal.

Under Feudalism, land wasn’t owned by the working class, but provided to them by landed barons, hence the term “Land Lord”. If you disrespected your Lord, or broke his rules, or he perceived another peasant/farm animal/crop would be a better use of the land, he could take it back. Essentially, the behavior of serfs was kept in check by their reliance on the nobility for a place to live. That’s very much the dynamic they’re going for here. Read more


So pick a side, if you haven’t already. But, before you do, maybe look back at the history of totalitarian systems, which, for some reason, never seem to work out for the totalitarians, at least not in the long run. I’m not a professional philosopher or anything, but I suspect that might have something to do with some people’s inextinguishable desire for freedom, and our willingness to fight for it, sometimes to the death. Read more

a society can’t be ruled by both a small group of elites and be ruled by the mob

Our elites will encourage and assist the ochlocratic power of the people when it can be leveraged to advance their leftist agenda. Any popular exercise of power that is not conducive to this agenda, though, will be openly suppressed, mocked, prosecuted, persecuted, silenced, and misrepresented. The potency and effectiveness of popular demonstrations on the left create the illusion that the masses retain significant political power—even that we are descending into ochlocracy. But the truth is that whatever power remains for the masses can only be expressed with the permission of the oligarchy. Read more

Your morning inspriation! Scottish archeologist neil oliver's braveheart moment

Click Above to Watch

Show Your Papers, New York City Announces Vaccination Passport Needed to Eat at Restaurants or Engage in Private Businesses

Comrade rebels, effective September 13th, anyone living or visiting New York City who has not been vaccinated will be blocked from entering any private venue, restaurant or indoor facility.  Businesses will be required to operate security checkpoints, where people without proof of vaccinated status will be denied entry.. Read more

Incompetence + Arrogance = Woke. Politically correct ideology is masking and contributing to the widespread failure of our institutions.

In the last 18 months, we have seen most of our major institutions go woke and spend considerable amounts of time, capital, and labor on what might be called “commissarism.” Yet in their zeal to rectify society in general and sermonize, virtue signal, pontificate, and perform to the public, many institutions are increasingly failing at what they were established to do. Read more

Daily COVID deaths in Sweden hit zero, as other nations brace for more lockdowns

Sweden, of course, was maligned in 2020 for foregoing a strict lockdown. The Guardian called its approach “a catastrophe” in the making, while CBS News said Sweden had become “an example of how not to handle COVID-19.”Despite these criticisms, Sweden’s laissez-faire approach to the pandemic continues today. In contrast to its European neighbours, Sweden is welcoming tourists. Businesses and schools are open with almost no restrictions. And as far as masks are concerned, not only is there no mandate in place, Swedish health officials are not even recommending them. Read more

Why Is the FDA Attacking a Safe, Effective Drug against covid?

The Food and Drug Administration claims to follow the science. So why is it attacking ivermectin, a medication it certified in 1996?. If the FDA were driven by science and evidence, it would give an emergency-use authorization for ivermectin for Covid-19. Instead, the FDA asserts without evidence that ivermectin is dangerous.

At the bottom of the FDA’s warning against ivermectin is this statement: “Meanwhile, effective ways to limit the spread of COVID-19 continue to be to wear your mask, stay at least 6 feet from others who don’t live with you, wash hands frequently, and avoid crowds.” Is this based on the kinds of double-blind studies that the FDA requires for drug approvals? No. Read more

What the hell is going on? the vaccine causes the virus to become more infectious

"This is the vaccinologists worse nightmare. Click to watch

Report, CDC Expected To Announce Tomorrow That COVID Vaccines Don’t Work on Delta Variant – Hence, White House Credits Trump With Vaccine Today

The White House would never credit Donald Trump with the vaccine rollout unless there was something negative about the vaccine that is going to hit the newswires; that is a no-brainer. That baseline is why CTH said two months ago to watch for the moment when the White House credits Trump with the vaccine, because that’s the moment when: (1) the vaccine was going to be identified as dangerous; and/or (2) reports would show the vaccine did not work. Read More

what is the cdc hiding? vaccinated people could become spreaders

New recommendations from federal health officials this week on when vaccinated Americans should don face masks came with a startling bolt of news: People who have had their shots and become infected with the delta variant of the coronavirus can harbor large amounts of virus just like unvaccinated people. That means they could become spreaders of the disease and should return to wearing masks indoors in certain situations, including when vulnerable people are present. Read More

We Aren’t Buying It Anymore – We Will Not Comply

We can hope that our elected representatives will stand up, do the right thing, and prevent this madness from being forced on us again. We can hope, but experience tells us that far too many of them either enjoy the power this “crisis” gives them or are simply bought and paid for by corporate oligarchs. We may yet find that our leaders have failed us again and be faced with a stark choice.

Either submit or take matters into our own hands. Read More


The protests arising across the globe are just the beginning. The way to chip away at their power is mass non-compliance to their mandates and individual acts of heroism, which will inspire more people to resist. Mocking and ridiculing the oligarchs and their minions will contribute to their decline in status. Boycotting corporations and entities supporting the narrative weakens their sway. Shunning those supporting the establishment, whether they be family, friends, or coworkers, will be essential in shifting the balance of power. Read More

imagine if this were trump! Steve Daines’ Niece Confirms Joe Biden Pinched Her Nipple

Joe Biden pinched the nipple of Senator Steve Daines’ niece on C-Span when she was a young child, according to her reported confirmation of the pinch, which occurred on January 3, 2015 at her uncle’s swearing-in ceremony when she was eight years old. Watch above

It isn't over until they say it's over

Let’s be honest. Totally honest. If the media hadn’t been in a frenzy the last 18 months, would those of us who aren’t frontline medical workers have any idea Covid even exited? Not one of our fears of February 2020 have come to pass. No mass burials, no food shortages, no one dying in the streets. Hospitals have been open and able to treat everyone who arrives at their doors, with Covid or without.

Since the beginning, Covid has been both a political godsend to the left and a big business. But I’ve assumed that sooner or later the public health mandarins and their water-carriers in the media would have to admit the truth. Yet they won’t. Read More

Dr. Charles Hoffe issues Vaccine warning…all these young people who are now getting Myocarditis from these shots, they have permanently damaged hearts

"So the huge concern about the mechanism of injury is that these shots are causing permanent damage. And the worse is yet to come. Because, you know, there are some tissues in your body like the intestine, liver and kidney that can regenerate to quite a good degree but brain, and spinal cord, and heart muscle and lungs do not. When they are damaged, its permanent. Like all these young people who are now getting Myocarditis from these shots, they have permanently damaged hearts." Read More

they have had enough! Massive Protests Erupt Worldwide Against COVID Vaccine Passports & Lockdown Tyranny

You will not hear about this in the mainstream media. Huge demonstrations in England, France, Australia, Italy, Japan, and more after governments announce COVID “health passes” to determine vaccination status. Read More

Unrestricted Mass Border Invasion Continues, REPORT: 1 Million Illegal Entries in June, With 20,000 in Rio Grand Valley Sector Last Week Alone

The head for the Rio Grand Valle(RGV) sector of the U.S. Border Patrol, Brian Hastings, sent an alarming tweet message earlier today.According to Hastings: “It’s the hottest part of the summer and apprehensions are skyrocketing! USBP Apprehensions surpassed the 1-million milestone in June. NOW- this week alone – #RGV has apprehended more than 20K illegally present migrants.” Read More

this is the leader of the "free" world! ‘My Butt’s Been Wiped?’ Joe Biden Gives Gibberish Answer To Reporters (Video)

It should be pretty obvious to anyone with a functioning brain cell that this guy is clearly not fit for the job he’s been given.  Even a former White House doctor has noted his cognitive decline. Read More

Biden DOJ Drops Charges Against China Military Members Accused of Lying to Get Jobs at U.S. Universities

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has dropped charges against five members of the Chinese military whom federal prosecutors previously accused of lying to obtain visas to get jobs and a doctoral spot at United States universities. Read More

Twenty Years Ago, A Mass Migration Plot Was Hatched To Help The Left Change The West Forever. They Even Admitted It.

Mass migration is a weapon, as far as he political left is concerned. They’ve already placed that weapon to America’s throat, and have begun to draw blood. Read More

arrogant and condescending! Fauci Snaps at Sen. Paul Over Gain-of-Function Research: ‘You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About!’

Fauci reacted angrily to the Kentucky senator’s pointed questions during a Senate committee hearing meant to update lawmakers on the country’s COVID-19 response. Paul began his line of questioning by asking Fauci if he wanted to retract his previous testimony denying U.S. government funding of gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan lab. Read More

Bombshell lawsuit alleges government covering up tens of thousands of injection-related deaths

Attorney Thomas Renz filed a lawsuit in federal court in Alabama on July 19 that alleges a massive government cover-up of injection-related U.S. deaths that number “at least 45,000. ”The suit, filed on behalf of America’s Frontline Doctors in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, is based on a sworn statement by a government insider under federal whistleblower protection. Read More

A New Declaration for Black America from 1776 unites

"Grace over Grievance." The 1776 Unites Greoup led by Bob Woodson shows another way forward. Watch above.

democrat strategist Naomi Wold - Vaccine Passport Is The End Of Liberty

What is happening in France is coming here if we don't resist. This is the way all of society can be shut down at the whim of tyrants. Read More

Mad As Hell & Taking It No More: Even Friendly Polls Show Biden Tanking Amidst Renewed Lockdowns & Mask Mandates.

The uni-party who once derided Donald Trump’s claims of a quick vaccine – even going so far as to demand they would not take it – are now seething with rage in the faces of anyone who wants to wait and see. And that’s a lot of people, by the way. A new YouGov/Economist poll revealed that almost one-third of Americans are unsure about the vaccines, and/or don’t plan to receive them.  Read More

The Battle of the Censors

It turns out that even two jabs of the vaccine may not be enough. In many people, the ability of the vaccine to prevent the worst effects of the virus wears off quickly. Many who have had the vaccine are being reinfected and becoming quite ill. Some are even dying. Of course, Big Pharma has a solution for that. You need a third jab euphemistically called a “booster.” It’s not really a booster. It means the effect of the original jabs has worn off, and you need a new jab.   Read More

We who have lived in communist countries recognize the signs: American freedom of speech and thought are hanging on by a thread.

Upon further reflection, it is also clear that many western (ironically, democratic) countries now face a similar condition—not necessarily in terms of their elections, but in terms of other freedoms that democratic electorates have grown accustomed to. Western democracies are now under perfect censorship. This process has been going on for many years, and is on the verge of being perfected in the United States.   Read more

Did Trump win Pennslyvania in a landslide? watcha and decide for yourself

Analyst claims Trump’s victory margin was 424,000 votes.   Click to watch video.

What is Woke Really About? Wokeness is many things. But increasingly it seems a cover for careerism, profiteering—and utter incompetence.

The woke movement, in other words, is a slicker, more sophisticated, and far more grandiose version of the Al Sharpton-Jesse Jackson corporate shakedown cons of the 1990s. The latter, at least, were far more honest in leveraging corporate cash with unfounded charges of racism—and came without the academic gobbledygook of critical race theory.   Read More

Dr. Fauci Dishonestly Deflects From His Agency’s Role In Funding Dangerous Bat-Borne Virus Research In China

It remains unclear whether the grants from NIH in question led to the creation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but what is true is that Dr. Fauci is attempting to hide behind technicalities in order to absolve his agency’s role in funding research into dangerous bat-borne coronaviruses in China.  Read More

here we go again! Fauci says CDC may once again demand masks, even for the vaccinated…

Fauci said government experts are reviewing early data as they consider whether to recommend that vaccinated individuals to get booster shots. He suggested that some of the most vulnerable, such as organ transplant and cancer patients, are “likely” to be recommended for booster shots.  Read More

FBI Using the Same Fear Tactic From the First War on Terror: Orchestrating its Own Terrorism Plots

The narrative that domestic anti-government extremism is the greatest threat to U.S. national security — the official position of the U.S. security state and the Biden administration — received its most potent boost in October 2020, less than one month before the 2020 presidential election. That was when the F.B.I. and Michigan state officials announced the arrest of thirteen people on terrorism, conspiracy and weapons charges, with six of them accused of participating in a plot to kidnap Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who had been a particular target of criticism from President Trump for her advocacy for harsh COVID lockdown measures.  Read More

REVEALED: FBI Played Larger Role in Whitmer Kidnapping Case Than Previously Reported: FBI Informants Helped Hatch the Plot!

The professor noted that “those aerosols escape masks and will render the mask ineffective,” adding “The public were demanding something must be done, they got masks, it is just a comfort blanket. But now it is entrenched, and we are entrenching bad behaviour.”

“All around the world you can look at mask mandates and superimpose on infection rates, you cannot see that mask mandates made any effect whatsoever,” Axon further noted, adding that “The best thing you can say about any mask is that any positive effect they do have is too small to be measured.”  Read More

Government Advisor Admits Masks Are Just “Comfort Blankets” That Do Virtually Nothing

The professor noted that “those aerosols escape masks and will render the mask ineffective,” adding “The public were demanding something must be done, they got masks, it is just a comfort blanket. But now it is entrenched, and we are entrenching bad behaviour.”

“All around the world you can look at mask mandates and superimpose on infection rates, you cannot see that mask mandates made any effect whatsoever,” Axon further noted, adding that “The best thing you can say about any mask is that any positive effect they do have is too small to be measured.”  Read More

The Propaganda War (And How to Fight It)

Every totalitarian system in history has used the power of visual propaganda to generate a new “reality,” one that reifies its official ideology, remaking the world in its own paranoid image. New Normal totalitarianism is no exception. For example, take a look at this panel copied from the landing page of The Guardian — one of the global-capitalist ruling classes’ primary propaganda organs — on July 17, 2021 …  Read More

WOW! AZ Audit Finds 74,000 Ballots Returned and Counted in 2020 Election with NO RECORD of Being Sent Out!

Audit expert Doug Logan noted that the auditors reported that there were 74,000 more ballots that were received and included in the 2020 Election in Maricopa County than were mailed out.  Read More

A Country That Has Lost Its Way: U.S. Government and Corporations Combine to Strip Citizens of Their Rights

So, it is safe to assume that many of us are right at this moment eligible for being monitored electronically by the federal government. If one combines that with the Biden Administration’s June 1st announcement of a war on “domestic terrorism,” which it clearly considers to be a function of “white supremacists,” it is easy to see where all that is going. Biden pulled no punches, describing the threat from “white supremacy” as the “most lethal threat to the homeland today,” so that would mean that the government is doing all in its power to stamp it out, whatever it takes and whatever that means. Read More


US gold medal winner's unguarded, faith-filled tears of joy — and patriotic verve — might be best moment of Tokyo Olympics Watch AOC's Pandemic Performance: Completely unmasked until it's time for photos. New video reveals DC mayor lied about complying with the mask mandate when caught unmasked at indoor reception: 'She's a moron, or she's a liar'
Florida, Texas lead states' rights resistance against Big Tech and Big Government NIH chief cheers on vaccine mandates for private sector, federal employees amid spreading protests Fauci rejects idea that wearing or not wearing face mask is a matter of personal liberty: 'I disagree' Of course he does! More of the same! DC mayor confronted after caught breaking her own face mask mandate on same day it took effect Health officials less confident in COVID vaccine efficacy with rise of Delta variant CDC justified new mask guidance based on vaccine study listed as failing peer review
How is Sweden going on two weeks of zero COVID deaths despite a 37% vaccination rate Wisconsin Moves Forward with Election Forensic Audit
Biden sinks to his lowest approval yet Biracial Harvard-educated doctor claims hospital DEMOTED her for opposing plans to have only black staff treat black patients in wake of George Floyd murder


House prices spiked 16.6% from a year ago, the biggest increase in the data going back to 1987 Sales of New Houses Plunge 32% in 5 Months, Unsold Inventory Highest since 2008, Prices Drop, Construction Costs Spike by Most since 1980 Rents are going through the roof across much of the U.S. This “Temporary” Inflation Is Turning into an Inflation Spiral Consumers Expect Red-Hot Inflation to Crush Their Earnings Supermarkets Are Stockpiling Inventory as Food Costs Rise

Latest COVID News

Why Is The CDC Quietly Abandoning The PCR Test For COVID? Kids' suicide, mental health hospitalizations spiked amid COVID lockdowns, research finds China rebuffs World Health Organization call for second study on COVID-19 origins
IT WILL NEVER END! WHO Official Says Mask Mandates & Social Distancing Should Continue Indefinitely Rep. Devin Nunes: World can't lock down again over COVID Delta variant, that's what China wants


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

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